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Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences on calcified tissues

Published by Bioscientifica

Organizing a conference?

Publication of abstracts

If you are planning a conference on calcified tissues or a related topic, why not publish the abstracts in Bone Abstracts? Using an issue of Bone Abstracts as your official conference abstract book offers you:-

  • A permanent, citable record of your meeting’s abstracts
  • FREE unrestricted access to the abstracts via this web site for all interested readers worldwide
  • Editorial control of the content by the conference organizers

For a free estimate, please contact us.

Please give as much information as you can, including, if possible, the date of your meeting, an estimate of the number of abstracts expected, an outline of any additional material you would like to include (such as introductions, biographical notes, number of advertisements from sponsors etc, especially if in colour), and the approximate number of printed copies you would need for your delegates etc.

Electronic submission of abstracts

Conference delegates and speakers often find it quicker and more convenient to submit their abstracts online. We can provide you with this facility, which can be designed to match your conference web site. The submitted abstracts then feed into our abstract marking administration service, and then through into your published abstract books - regardless of whether you choose to make them part of Bone Abstracts.

Other services

We offer a number of other services to support you in planning your conference, such as publishing your proceedings as a book or a journal supplement, or even managing your entire conference for you.
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