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p62-ZZ domain signaling inhibition prevents MM cell-induced epigenetic repression at the Runx2 promoter and rescues osteoblast differentiation

Silbermann Rebecca , Adamik Juraj , Zhou Dan , Xie Xian-Qun , Kurihara Noriyoshi , Galson Deborah L , Roodman G David

Multiple myeloma (MM) bone disease is characterized by lytic bone lesions that contribute to patient morbidity and mortality after patients are in complete remission. The mechanisms mediating this long-term osteoblast (OB) suppression are poorly understood. We hypothesized that MM cells induce epigenetic changes at the Runx2 promoter in preOB bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC). We demonstrated that Gfi1, a transcriptional repressor of Runx2 that is induced in B...