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ba0005p122 | Cancer and bone: basic, translational and clinical | ECTS2016

Acetate metabolism in Multiple Myeloma identifies 11C-Acetate PET as a novel strategy to image bone disease and response to treatment in preclinical models

Fontana Francesca , Ge Xia , Su Xinming , Xiang Jingyu , Cenci Simone , Civitelli Roberto , Shoghi Kooresh , Akers Walter , D'Avignon Andre , Shokeen Monica , Weilbaecher Katherine

Multiple Myeloma (MM) is a malignancy of Plasma Cells (PC), characterized by severe osteolytic lesions but poor 99Tc-MDP uptake in bone scans due to osteoblast inhibition. We hypothesized that high demands for membrane biosynthesis in tumour PC would enhance monocarboxylic acid anabolism and uptake, which could be exploited for treatment and molecular imaging. Here, we tested the efficacy of clinically available 11C-Acetate PET to detect myeloma and quant...