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ba0001pp163 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2013

Hepatic lipase is expressed by osteoblasts and modulates bone remodeling in obesity

Bartelt Alexander , Beil F Timo , Muller Brigitte , Kohne Till , Heine Markus , Yilmaz Tayfun , Heeren Joerg , Schinke Thorsten , Niemeier Andreas

Here we identify the lipolytic enzyme hepatic lipase (HL, encoded by Lipc) as a novel cell-autonomous regulator of osteoblast function. In an unbiased genome-wide expression analysis, we find Lipc – which was formerly thought to be expressed almost exclusively by the liver – to be highly induced upon osteoblast differentiation, as verified by quantitative Taqman analyses of primary osteoblasts in vitro and of bone samples in vivo. ...