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ba0003pp50 | Bone development/growth and fracture repair | ECTS2014

Forearm fracture in premenopausal women, a disorder of trabecular corticalization

Bala Yohann , Rozental Tamara , Sepehrizadeh Tara , Bouxsein Mary L , Zebaze Roger , Seeman Ego

Postmenopausal women with forearm fracture have higher cortical porosity and lower trabecular density perhaps due to excessive age-related bone loss1. Remodelling becomes unbalanced and rapid only after ~45 years of age. We therefore proposed that bone fragility in premenopausal women with a forearm fracture originates during growth. At metaphyses, trabeculae emerging from the periphery of the growth plate form cortex by ‘corticalization’)2. We ...