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ba0005p167 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2016

Implication of autophagy in a preclinical mouse model of bone ageing and of osteoporosis

Camuzard Olivier , Breuil Veronique , Santucci-Darmanin Sabine , Battaglia Severine , Heymann Dominique , Carle Georges , Pierrefite-Carle Valerie

Although estrogen deficiency has been considered for a long time as the main factor leading to osteoporosis (OP), several lines of evidence highlight the role of oxidative stress increase with age as a key factor in this pathology. Autophagy acts as a central mechanism allowing damaged macromolecules and organelles to be degraded and recycled, such as mitochondria, the main source of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Recent publications have shown that autophagy is a new actor in...

ba0005p196 | Cell biology: osteoclasts and bone resorption | ECTS2016

The RECQL4 protein mutated in Rothmund-Thomson syndrome is involved in osteoclast differentiation and function

Tcheremisinova Iulia , Gritsaenko Tatiana , Pierrefite-Carle Valerie , Breuil Veronique , Cros Chantal , Carle Georges , Santucci-Darmanin Sabine

Homozygous or compound heterozygous mutations in the RECQL4 helicase gene are responsible for 65% cases of Rothmund-Thomson syndrome (RTS-type II), a rare premature ageing syndrome. RTS-II patients exhibit poikiloderma and various kinds of bone abnormalities: short stature, congenital radial ray anomalies, bone microarchitecture defects, diffuse or localized osteoporosis and increased risk of osteosarcoma. Mutations in the RECQL4 gene are also responsible for...

ba0005p164 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2016

Natural uranium triggers autophagy in osteoblasts

Pierrefite-Carle Valerie , Santucci-Darmanin Sabine , Breuil Veronique , Vidaud Claude , Creff Gaelle , Den Auwer Christophe , Carle Georges

Bone is a complex organ constituted of a mineralized matrix generated by osteoblasts (OB). Bone matrix is a major storage site for minerals but also for toxicants from the environment. Among them, uranium, a natural element of the earth crust, has a dual toxicity due to its radiological effects as an alpha emitter and its chemical effects due to its metal properties. In the case of natural uranium, the chemical toxicity is predominant. Uranium level in drinking water is usuall...