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ba0003oc1.5 | Phosphate metabolism, fracture repair and osteoarthritis | ECTS2014

The role of alarmins in fracture repair

Santo Ana Isabel Espirito , Chan James K. , Horwood Nicole J. , Nanchahal Jagdeep

Fractures are very common and affect 2% of the population per annum. Fragility fractures represent the greatest unmet need and are associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality. Currently, there is no approved therapy for enhancing healing of fragility fractures. We previously reported that upregulation of the early inflammatory response following skeletal injury can promote fracture repair (Glass et al PNAS 2011). Inflammation represents the earliest response followin...

ba0003pp69 | Bone development/growth and fracture repair | ECTS2014

Enhancement of fracture repair by upregulation of the innate immune response

Santo Ana Isabel Espirito , Chan James K , Glass Graeme E , Ersek Adel , Freidin Andrew , Williams Garry A , Gowers Kate , Jeffery Rosemary , Otto William R , Poulsom Richard , Feldmann Marc , Rankin Sara M , Horwood Nicole J , Nanchahal Jagdeep

Osteoporotic fractures are very common and represent an enormous unmet medical need. Our group has previously reported that addition of rTNF to the fracture site promotes fracture healing in C57/BL6 mice (Glass et al. PNAS 2011). Using a murine fracture model of endochondral healing, we observed that local addition of rTNF only accelerates fracture repair if administered within the first 24 h following injury. The optimal therapeutic dose is 1 ng. TNF is firs...