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ba0004op12 | (1) | ICCBH2015

A non-invasive method for screening vitamin D insufficiency for adolescents using skin colourimetry

Lam Tsz Ping , Lee Wayne Y W , Cheung Franco T F , Tsang Echo K L , Wong Lyn L N , Lee Simon K M , Ng Bobby K W , Cheng Jack C Y

Introduction: Effective screening for vitamin D (Vit-D) insufficiency is desirable. Pigmentation of unexposed (constitutive) skin and exposed (facultative) skin can be measured with skin colourimetry to assess dermal capability in synthesizing Vit-D and degree of sunlight exposure respectively. This study aimed at evaluating whether skin colourimetry could be used to screen Vit-D insufficiency among adolescents.Methods: 240 healthy adolescents (mean age=...