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ba0005p164 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2016

Natural uranium triggers autophagy in osteoblasts

Pierrefite-Carle Valerie , Santucci-Darmanin Sabine , Breuil Veronique , Vidaud Claude , Creff Gaelle , Den Auwer Christophe , Carle Georges

Bone is a complex organ constituted of a mineralized matrix generated by osteoblasts (OB). Bone matrix is a major storage site for minerals but also for toxicants from the environment. Among them, uranium, a natural element of the earth crust, has a dual toxicity due to its radiological effects as an alpha emitter and its chemical effects due to its metal properties. In the case of natural uranium, the chemical toxicity is predominant. Uranium level in drinking water is usuall...