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ba0003ht5 | (1) | ECTS2014

Skin inflammation causes bone loss with reduced bone formation through systemic IL-17A release

Uluckan Ozge , Keller Johannes , Karbach Susanne , Croxford Andrew , Finzel Stephanie , Koenders Marije , Berg Wim Van Den , Amling Michael , Waisman Ari , Schett Georg , Wagner Erwin

Patients with chronic inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis are at high risk for developing osteoporosis. Psoriatic arthritis patients exhibit bone loss caused by increased bone resorption through activation of osteoclasts. However, it is not clear whether psoriasis can lead to bone loss in the absence of arthritis. Using mouse models with skin inflammation as well as psoriasis patient samples, we show that increased circulating IL-17A from the inflamed skin triggers bone lo...