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ba0001w5.3 | Anabolic bone therapies | ECTS2013

Therapeutic targeting of activin signaling

Eijken Marco

Recent studies have demonstrated that activin signalling plays a crucial role in the skeleton. Activins control both osteoblast and osteoclast function and are present in the bone extracellular matrix. This makes activin signalling an important new therapeutic target for a dual anabolic antiresorptive intervention in osteoporosis.Activins belong to the large TGF-β superfamily that also includes BMPs, TGFβs and GDFs. Like other TGF-β member...

ba0005p158 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2016

A single 2-day pulse of activin-A leads to a transient change in gene expression eventually followed by reduction in extracellular matrix mineralization

Baroncelli Marta , Drabek Ksenija , Eijken Marco , Peppel Jeroen van de , van Leeuwen Johannes

Activins belong to the transforming growth factor-β superfamily, and they regulate bone formation by controlling both osteoclast and osteoblast behaviour. We have previously shown that activin-A strongly inhibited matrix mineralization in osteoblast cultures, and that activin A-signalling was most effective before the onset of mineralization.The aim of this study was therefore to investigate how an early activin-A pulse affected osteoblast mineraliz...