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Clinical features and approach to treatment in pediatric patients with McCune-Albright syndrome: monocentric experience

Makazan Nadezhda , Orlova Elizaveta , Kareva Maria , Kolodkina Anna , Kalinchenko Natalia , Petrov Michael , Zubkova Natalia , Peterkova Valentina

McCune-Albright-Syndrome (MAS) is a rare multisystem disorder presenting with polyostotic fibrous dysplasia accompanied by a list of extraskeletal features including café-aulait spots and various endocrine hyperfunctioning. There is no effective treatment for FD in MAS nowadays. Patients with MAS (n=60, 49 girls(G) and 11 boys (B) have been diagnosed and followed up during 20 years in the Institute of Pediatric Endocrinology. First clinical manifestations were pe...