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ba0002oc22 | Miscellaneous | ICCBH2013

Prolidase deficient mice are osteoporotic in early life

Foster Sarah , Grabowski Peter , Gallagher Orla , Besio Roberta , Rossi Antonio , Bishop Nick , Forlino Antonella

Background: Proline and hydroxyproline account for ~25% of aminoacids in collagen., Prolidase (peptidase D (EC, cleaves iminodipeptides with a C-terminal proline or hydroxyproline, playing a major role in collagen catabolism. Mice with prolidase deficiency (PD) present with varied phenotypes including reduced size compared to wild-type littermates. We measured structural and mechanical properties of bones in PD mice.Methods: Whole femurs from ...

ba0002p86 | (1) | ICCBH2013

Assessing bone quality and fracture resistance in children using microindentation

Forestier-Zhang Lydia , Grabowski Peter , Gallagher Orla , Patel Ameeta , Madan Sanjeev , Arundel Paul , Bishop Nick

Background: At present, clinical assessment of bone strength in children predominantly relies bone mass measurement using absorptiometry (DXA) or QCT densitometric approaches. However, bone strength is not only dependent on mass/density, but also structural and material mechanical properties. Currently no technique measures bone mechanical properties. Recently, a new micro-indentation device, the reference point indentation (RPI) instrument has been validated for the measure o...