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ba0001pp254 | Chondrocytes and cartilage | ECTS2013

Oxygen tension-mediated regulation of chondrogenic differentiation: application to stem cells based osteochondral repair

Portron Sophie , Hivernaud Vincent , Merceron Christophe , Lesoeur Julie , Masson Martial , Gauthier Olivier , Vinatier Claire , Beck Laurent , Guicheux Jerome

Purpose: Multipotent stromal cells (MSC) have been considered promising for the regenerative strategies of articular cartilage. However, the MSC chondrogenic differentiation can ultimately lead to the formation of hypertrophic chondrocytes responsible for the calcification of cartilage. To prevent this MSC-dependent production of a calcified matrix in articular site, MSC hypertrophic differentiation has to be carefully controlled. Given that articular cartilage is avascular, w...

ba0001pp255 | Chondrocytes and cartilage | ECTS2013

Effects of an in vitro low-oxygen-tension preconditioning of adipose stem cells on their in vivo chondrogenic potential: application in cartilage tissue repair

Portron Sophie , Merceron Christophe , Gauthier Olivier , Lesoeur Julie , Sourice Sophie , Masson Martial , Fellah Borhane , Geffroy Olivier , Lallemand Elodie , Weiss Pierre , Guicheux Jerome , Vinatier Claire

Purpose: Multipotent stromal cells (MSC)-based regenerative strategy is promising for the repair of cartilage, which is an avascular tissue in which cells experience hypoxia. Hypoxia is known to promote the early chondrogenic differentiation of MSC. Therefore, the aim of our study was to determine whether low oxygen tension could be used to enhance the regenerative potential of MSC for cartilage repair.Methods: MSC from rabbits or human adipose tissues (...