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ba0005p384 | Osteoporosis: treatment | ECTS2016

Magnesium together with Calsium and vitamin D improves the bone metabolism in (70y) healtly females

Bohmer Thomas , Wang Grethe , Hoiseth Arne

Background: In the National Osteoporosis Guide 2014 all the patients are first recommended adequate calcium and vitamin D intake. For additional treatment US FDA approves the use of medications within seven different drug groups, but no magnesium. We have therefore studied the beneficial effect of Mg added to a Ca/vitamin D regime.Study: Fifty healthy women aged above 70 years recruited from elderly center were randomized into a Mg supplementation group ...

ba0003pp354 | Osteoporosis: treatment | ECTS2014

Denosumab treatment in women with osteoporosis reduces hip cortical porosity

Zebaze Roger M , Libanati Cesar , McClung Michael R , Zanchetta Jose R , Kendler David L , Hoiseth Arne , Wang Andrea , Ghasem-Zadeh Ali , Seeman Ego

Bone strength is influenced by cortical thickness, area, mass and porosity, all of which contribute to nonvertebral fracture risk. Cortical porosity is one parameter of structural decay associated with bone fragility. This is caused by unbalanced and accelerated remodelling of Haversian units which enlarge, coalesce and fragment the cortex. Antiresorptive therapies will limit progression of cortical porosity; reducing existing porosity would be a goal for those already at incr...