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ba0002op14 | (1) | ICCBH2013

Inflammation and glucocorticoid therapy impair skeletal modeling during growth following crohn disease diagnosis

Tsampalieros Anne , Shults Justine , Zemel Babette , Baldassano Robert , Leonard Mary

Objectives: Examine changes in volumetric BMD and cortical structure following Crohn Disease (CD) diagnosis, and identify associations with growth, glucocorticoid exposure and disease activity.Methods: Prospective cohort study in 76 CD participants, ages 5–21 years. Tibia pQCT scans were obtained at diagnosis, 6, 12 and a median of 42 months later. Sex, race and age-specific Z-scores were generated based on >650 controls. Cortical dimen...

ba0002oc14 | Diagnostics | ICCBH2013

What DXA measurement sites are best for bone health assessment in children? Effect of inter-machine differences on bone outcomes from the Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Study

Zemel Babette , Kalkwarf Heidi , Leonard Mary , Gilsanz Vicente , Lappe Joan , Shults Justine , Shepherd John , Oberfield Sharon , Winer Karen

Objective: Total body less head (TBLH) and spine are the recommended DXA sites for bone health assessment in children and adolescents. However, inter-machine differences will affect use and interpretation of results in clinical care and research applications. We examined BMC and areal-BMD (aBMD) at 4 skeletal sites among healthy children to identify the magnitude of inter-machine differences in Z-scores.Methods: BMDCS evaluated healthy participa...

ba0002oc29 | Chronic diseases | ICCBH2013

Mineral metabolism, cortical volumetric bone mineral density and fracture risk in childhood chronic kidney disease

Denburg Michelle , Tsampalieros Anne , de Boer Ian , Shults Justine , Kalkwarf Heidi , Zemel Babette , Foerster Debbie , Stokes David , Leonard Mary

Background and Objectives: The relations among cortical volumetric bone mineral density (CortBMD) and comprehensive measures of mineral metabolism have not been addressed in chronic kidney disease (CKD). The aim was to identify determinants of CortBMD in childhood CKD. A secondary objective was to assess if CortBMD was associated with subsequent fracture.Design/participants: This prospective cohort study in children, adolescents and young adults (ages 5&...