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ba0003pp26 | Bone biomechanics and quality | ECTS2014

Structural analysis of tooth and jawbone in a type 2 diabetes mouse model

Pabisch Silvia , Yamaguchi Tsuguno , Koike Yasushi , Egashira Kenji , Kataoka Shinsuke , Wagermaier Wolfgang , Weinkamer Richard , Murakoshi Michiaki , Fratzl Peter

In type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients, an increased fracture risk is observed, although the bone mineral density is even higher than in non-diabetic patients, which raises the question of the quality of the organic and inorganic matrix in bone1,2. T2DM is also known to favor inflammation of the gingiva and paradontosis in general. However, little is known about the mineral nano-architecture in the mandible and about the possible influence of diabetes. Using sy...