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ba0005p135 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2016

Up-regulation of inhibitors of DNA binding/differentiation gene during alendronate-induced osteoblast differentiation

Kim Heungyeol

Aim: Alendronate enhances bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP)-mediated osteoblast differentiation. A balanced regulation of inhibitors of DNA binding/differentiation (Ids) plays an important role in BMP-induced osteoblast differentiation. However, there are no studies on the possible roles of Id genes in alendronate-induced osteoblast differentiation. This study investigated the effect of alendronate on the expression of Id genes in osteoblast differentiation.<...

ba0005p325 | Osteoporosis: pathophysiology and epidemiology | ECTS2016

Bone mineral density of lumbar spine and femur in patients with gynaecologic cancer

Kim Heungyeol

Objective: To compare the bone mineral density (BMD) of the lumbar spine and femur in postmenopausal women with cervical and endometrial cancer without bone metastasis with that in normal control postmenopausal women.Methods: We retrospectively analysed the BMD of the lumbar spine and femur using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in 130 patients with cervical cancer, 68 patients with endometrial cancer, and 225 healthy controls.Resu...