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ba0005p114 | Cancer and bone: basic, translational and clinical | ECTS2016

Increased zinc accumulation in mineralized osteosarcoma tissue

Rauwolf Mirjam , Pemmer Bernhard , Roschger Andreas , Turyanskaya Anna , Simon Rolf , Lang S. , Puchner S E , Windhager Reinhard , Klaushofer Klaus , Wobrauschek Peter , Hofstaetter Jochen G , Roschger Paul , Streli Christina

Abnormal tissue levels of certain trace elements such as Zinc (Zn) were reported in various types of cancer. Little is known about the role of Zn in osteosarcoma.Using confocal synchrotron radiation micro X-ray fluorescence analysis, we characterized the spatial distribution of Zn in high-grade (G3) sclerosing osteosarcoma of nine patients (4 f/5 m; 7 knee/1 humerus/1 femur) following chemotherapy and wide surgical resection. The study was done in accord...