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ba0005p314 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2016

Inducing osteoporosis in a large animal model: influence of ovariectomy, diet and corticoid therapy

Sender Jonas , El Khassawna Thaqif , Erdmann Georg , Bocker Wolfgang , Krombach Gabriele A. , Langheinrich Alexander C. , Kampschulte Marian

Purpose: The aim of our study is a micro-CT-based, longitudinal characterisation of ovariectomy, multideficient diet and corticoid therapy impact on the ossal microarchitecture.Materials and methods: Four randomized groups were formed out of 32 adult female merino land sheep:1. control2. ovariectomized (OVX)3. OVX+multideficient diet (OVX-D)4. OVX-D+320 mg methylp...