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ba0001pp38 | Bone biomechanics and quality | ECTS2013

Bisphosphonate influence on bone quality at molecular level: study of human jaw bone sequesters by Raman microspectroscopy

Olejnik Cecile , Falgayrac Guillaume , During Alexandrine , Vieillard Marie-Helene , Maes Jean Michel , Cortet Bernard , Penel Guillaume

Bisphosphonates (BP) are used as anti-resorptive drugs in benign (osteoporosis) and malignant (myeloma, bone metastasis) bone diseases. Their high affinity for biominerals allows prolonged storage within bone. However information about molecular impact of BP on bone quality are missing. Better understanding of BP properties to optimize their clinical use is needed. The aim of this study was thus to investigate human bone physicochemical changes upon BP uptake.<p class="abs...