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ba0002oc16 | Diagnostics | ICCBH2013

Longitudinal analysis of volumetric density, size and strength towards the end of skeletal maturation in Gambian males habituated to low calcium intake

Schoenbuchner Simon , Prentice Ann , Sawo Yankuba , Ceesay Mustapha , Mendy Michael , Ward Kate

To understand differences in bone health between and within populations, it is crucial to characterise bone development during childhood and adolescence. Peak height velocity at age 16 and young adult height at age 23.5 years were recently reported in Gambian males accustomed to low calcium intake1. Our study aims to describe bone accrual after peak height velocity in the same population.We used peripheral quantitative computed tomography to m...

ba0004oc20 | (1) | ICCBH2015

The effect of calcium supplementation on adolescent bone growth in pre-pubertal Gambian females: a 12-year follow-up study

Ward Kate , Cole Tim , Laskey Ann , Ceesay Mustapha , Mendy Michael , Prentice Ann

In rural Gambian prepubertal children with low calcium intakes (mean 300 mg/day) we reported positive effects, sustained for at least a year (y), on bone mineral content (BMC) after 12 months supplementation with calcium carbonate to international levels1,2. The group was followed up regularly until the end of height growth, and supplementation did not affect height growth in the girls3. Our aim was to determine whether the supplementation altered the tim...