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ba0001oc1.6 | Osteoporosis epidemiology and long term treatment complications | ECTS2013

Femur geometrical parameters in the pathogenesis of atypical femur fractures

Morin Suzanne N , Godbout Benoit , Wall Michelle , Belzile Etienne L , Michou Laetitia , Ste-Marie Louis-Georges , Karaplis Andrew C , de Guise Jacques A , Brown Jacques P

Background: Atypical femur fractures (AFF) arise in the subtrochanteric and diaphyseal regions. Because of this unique distribution, we hypothesized that patients with AFF demonstrate specific geometrical variations of their femur whereby baseline tensile forces applied to the lateral cortex are higher and might favor the appearance of these rare stress fractures, when exposed to bisphosphonates.Methods: Subjects who sustained AFF, as defined by the ASBM...