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ba0003pp142 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2014

Cell attachment and proliferation of bone marrow-derived osteoblast on zirconia of various surface treatment

Lee Heesu , Pae Ahran , Noh Kwantae , Woo Yi-Hyung

This study was performed to characterize the effects of calcium phosphate coated and hydroxyapatite coated zirconia compared to smooth surfaced zirconia with bone marrow-derived osteoblast culture.Bone marrow-derived osteoblasts were cultured on i) smooth zirconia, ii) zirconia coated with calcium phosphate (CaP), and iii) zirconia coated with hydroxyapatite (HA). The tetrazolium-based colorimetric assay (MTT test) was used for examining the attachment o...