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The effect of levothyroxine therapy on vitamin D and bone mineral density

Cayir Atilla , Turan Mehmet Ibrahim , Ozkan Behzat

Introduction: Treatment in thyroid function disorders, which lead to clinical hypothyroidism, is replacement with levothyroxine. We aimed to investigate the effect of long-term levothyroxine therapy on vitamin D metabolism and bone mineral density in children.Materials and methods: Twenty-seven children with hypothyroidism receiving levothyroxine therapy (M/F: 13/14, mean age, 12.1±0.7 years) and 21 healthy controls (M/F: 13/8, mean age, 11.8±0...

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Celiac disease underlying rickets in an adolescent

Demir Korcan , Celtik Coskun , Ozkan Behzat

Background: Bone health is negatively affected in children with celiac disease. Alterations in calcium and vitamin D metabolism are frequently encountered in children with celiac disease but rickets is rarely a presenting complaint.Presenting problem: The patient was first admitted at the age of 13 due to waddling gait and weight loss for 3 years.Clinical management: Detailed history revealed that loss of appetite and intermittent ...