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ba0003pp127 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2014

Regulation of adipo- and osteo-genesis of multipotent cells by strontium through stimulation of small Rho GTPases: A 3D bioreactor study

Louis Fiona , Linossier Marie-Therese , Peyroche Sylvie , Vico Laurence , Guignandon Alain

Small GTPases of the Rho family (RhoA and Rac-1) are responsible for cytoskeleton dynamics (particularly actin polymerisation) and control cellular tension. For these reasons, they are implicated in the commitment of multipotent cells (MCs). In one hand, increased tension (important RhoA activity) is commonly associated with osteogenesis (OS), in the other hand, a reduced one (low RhoA activity) is associated with adipogenesis (AD). Nevertheless, precise RhoGTPases regulations...