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ba0001pp432 | Osteoporosis: treatment | ECTS2013

Effects of a mutated sclerostin peptide on bone and lean mass in mice

Gerbaix Maude , Pierroz Dominique , Bonnet Nicolas , Boschert Verena , Mueller Thomas , Ferrari Serge

Sclerostin, a product of osteocytes, is known to inhibit Wnt signaling by binding the LRP5/6 receptor.We investigated the effects of a mutated mouse sclerostin protein (muScl, R118A/R144A) with potential sclerostin antagonistic activity. In vitro, muScl fully competed with wild type sclerostin for binding to LRP6, whereas its IC50 for Wnt3a activity was 4× higher than sclerostin (i.e. 600 nM). Moreover, serum osteocalcin increased in mice a...