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ba0001pp215 | Cell biology: osteoclasts and bone resorption | ECTS2013

The F-actin modulator SWAP-70 is required for proper podosome dynamics in osteoclasts

Roscher Anne , Glosmann Martin , Reinhold G Erben , Lutter Anne-Helen , Chopin Michael , Lorenz C Hofbauer , Jessberger Rolf , Garbe Annette

Bone remodeling is a crucial process to maintain a healthy bone structure in order to avoid diseases like osteoporosis or osteopetrosis. Osteoclasts contribute to this process by resorbing old and brittle bone allowing osteoblasts to renew the bone substance. During resorption osteoclasts rearrange their actin cytoskeleton by forming an F-actin ring generating a resorptive cavity on the bone surface. Recently, we reported that the F-actin binding protein SWAP-70 regulates oste...