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ba0001pp329 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2013

Discordance of Z-score in healthy premenopausal women with BMD below the expected range of age and contributing factors: the Korea national health and nutrition examination survey 2008–2009

Sung-Kil Lim , Park Kyeong Hye , Kim Kyoung Min , Lim Jung Soo , Rhee Yumie

Discordance of T-score is frequently observed and affects to therapeutic strategy in osteoporosis. Z-score discordance in premenopausal women has not been reported yet. In addition, despite of important role of low bone mineral density (BMD) in premenopausal women to predict osteoporotic fracture in postmenopausal age, there are very few reports on the status of low BMD in healthy premenopausal women. To investigate the current status of idiopathic osteoporos...

ba0005p362 | Osteoporosis: pathophysiology and epidemiology | ECTS2016

Differential influence of social network upon osteoporosis affected by intimacy in Korean elderly women

Lee Seungwon , Hea Seo Da , Min Kim Kyoung , Chang Kim Hyeon , Oh Kim Chang , Youm Yoosik , Rhee Yumie

The present study figured out the relationship between social network and osteoporosis among elderly women. Social network could be beneficial to one’s health since it works as social capital providing several supports. On the other hand, social network can also be a source of social burden aggravating one’s health. To examine the seemingly contradicting associations, Korean Urban Rural Elderly Study (KURE) data was analyzed. There were 1938 older women aged over 65,...

ba0005p426 | Other diseases of bone and mineral metabolism | ECTS2016

Association of circulating dipeptidyl-peptidase 4 levels with osteoporotic fracture in postmenopausal women

Kim Beom-Jun , Kim Hyeonmok , Baek Ki Hyun , Ahn Seong Hee , Lee Seung Hun , Koh Jung-Min , Rhee Yumie , Kim Chong Hwa , Kim Deog-Yoon , Kang Moo-Il , Min Yong-Ki

Evidence indicates that dipeptidyl-peptidase 4 (DPP4) plays a distinct role in bone metabolism. However, there has been no report on the association, if any, between circulating DPP4 levels and osteoporosis-related phenotypes. This study aimed to determine if DPP4 predicts osteoporotic fracture (OF) risk in postmenopausal women. This case–control study was conducted in multiple centers in Korea. We enrolled 178 cases with OF and 178 age- and body mass index-matched contro...