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ba0001oc2.1 | Bone quality and fracture repair - animal models | ECTS2013

Treatment with soluble activin type IIB-receptor improves bone mass and strength in a mouse model of duchenne muscular dystrophy

Puolakkainen Tero , Ma Hongqiang , Pasternack Arja , Kainulainen Heikki , Ritvos Olli , Heikinheimo Kristiina , Hulmi Juha , Kiviranta Riku

Patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) carry a mutation in the dystrophin gene that leads to progressive muscle degeneration. In addition, DMD patients develop low bone mass especially in long bones and have high incidence of fractures. The underlying mechanisms for decreased bone mass remain unclear but muscle weakness and increased IL6 levels may play a role. Inhibition of activin/myostatin pathway has emerged as a novel approach to increase muscle mass and strength...