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ba0005cu2.2 | Management of rare bone diseases | ECTS2016

Fibrous dysplasia in the adult

chapurlat Roland

Fibrous dysplasia of bone (FD) is a rare bone disease affecting one or several bones, due to a somatic mutation of GNAS responsible for abnormal differentiation of the osteoblastic cell lineage. The bone lesions may be associated with bone pain, fracture, deformity and neurologic compression. McCune-Albright syndrome is an association of FD, endocrine complications - mainly peripheral precocious puberty - and café-au-lait cutaneous spots.The mutated...

ba0005p419 | Other diseases of bone and mineral metabolism | ECTS2016

Natural history and prognostic factors of fibrous dysplasia of bone in a modern cohort of 372 patients. The Francedys Study

Benhamou Johanna , Gensburger Deborah , Messiaen Claude , Chapurlat Roland

Fibrous dysplasia of bone (FD) is a rare inherited but sporadic bone disease that can be responsible for bone pain, fracture and bone deformity. The prognosis may be difficult to establish because of the wide spectrum of disease severity, with patients benign forms of the disease and some others who are severely affected.We have analyzed the data from the French National reference center for FD. We have established a database from electronic medical reco...

ba0001pp470 | Other diseases of bone and mineral metabolism | ECTS2013

Determinants of bone loss in cystic fibrosis

Gensburger Deborah , Chapurlat Roland , Nove-Josserand Raphaele , Rabilloud Muriel , Durieu Isabelle

Objectives: Bone disease is now well described in cystic fibrosis adult patients. CF bone disease is multifactorial but many studies suggested the crucial role of inflammation and chronic pulmonary infection. The objectives of this study were to assess the prevalence of osteoporosis in a current adult CF population and to examine its relationship with infections and inflammation.Methods: Patients were recruited in the adult CF Lyon Centre and assessed in...

ba0002op12 | (1) | ICCBH2013

The bone/vessels interplay in teenagers with chronic kidney disease

Bacchetta Justine , Doyon Anke , Vershelde Sophie , Vilayphiou Nicolas , Chapurlat Roland , Ranchin Bruno

Background: Bone fragility and vascular calcifications are to the two main morbidities of the mineral and bone disorders associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD), resulting from a combination of abnormalities such as impaired GH axis, vitamin D deficiency, hyperparathyroidism, increased FGF23 levels, hypogonadism, denutrition and drug toxicity.Methods: In a single-centre ancillary study of the longitudinal prospective European 4C study (Cardiovascula...

ba0003pp7 | Arthritis and other joint diseases: translational and clinical | ECTS2014

Do osteophytes protect femoral neck against fracture in osteoarthritis?

Rabelo Gustavo Davi , Roux Jean Paul , Portero-Muzy Nathalie , Boutroy Stephanie , Chapurlat Roland , Chavassieux Pascale

Beside the bone mass, structural changes are important determinants of the bone strength. Patients with osteoarthritis (OA) seem protected against femoral neck (FN) fracture. When compared to osteoporosis, FN in OA are characterized by a higher bone mass and a better trabecular microarchitecture (Blain et al., 2008, Boutroy et al., 2011). The presence of microcracks is one of the determinants of the bone strength. The aim of this study was to evaluate the mic...

ba0006p157 | (1) | ICCBH2017

Are there gender differences in abdominal fat distribution in healthy teenagers?

Duboeuf Francois , Boutroy Stephanie , Ginhoux Tiphanie , Roux Jean-Paul , Chapurlat Roland , Bacchetta Justine

Background: While the relationship between visceral (VFAT) and subcutaneous (SFAT) fat mass with cardiometabolic risk has been demonstrated in adults, fat mass evolution during teenagehood remains poorly explored and usually assessed with irradiative (CT) or expensive (MRI) techniques. Our aim was to evaluate a novel technique derived from DXA to assess VFAT and SFAT in healthy teenagers.Subjects and methods: Healthy teenagers from the VITADOS study unde...

ba0001pp446 | Osteoporosis: treatment | ECTS2013

Effects of odanacatib on BMD and safety in the treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women previously treated with alendronate– a randomized placebo-controlled trial

Chapurlat Roland , De Villiers Tobias , Bonnick Sydney , Odio Alberto , Palacios Santiago , Scott Boyd , De Tilleghem Celine Le Bailly , DaSilva Carolyn , Leung Albert , Gurner Deborah

Odanacatib (ODN) is an orally-active cathepsin K inhibitor being developed for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. This study evaluated the effects of ODN 50mg once weekly on BMD, bone turnover markers and safety in patients previously treated with alendronate (ALN).This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 24-month study. The primary endpoint was % change from baseline at month 24 of femoral neck (FN) BMD. Postmenopausal women (...

ba0001oc1.1 | Osteoporosis epidemiology and long term treatment complications | ECTS2013

Disease-specific perception of fracture risk and incident fracture rates among postmenopausal women: findings from the Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW)

Gregson Celia , Dennison Elaine , Compston Juliet , Adami Silvano , Adachi Jonathan , Anderson Frederick , Boonen Steven , Chapurlat Roland , Diez-Perez Adolfo , Greenspan Susan , Hooven Frederick , Lacroix Andrea , Nieves Jeri , Netelenbos J Coen , Pfeilschifter Johannes , Rossini Maurizio , Roux Christian , Saag Kenneth , Silverman Stuart , Siris Ethel , Watts Nelson , Wyman Allison , Cooper Cyrus

Patients with improved health understanding have greater autonomy over, and motivation towards, health-related lifestyles. We compared self-perceived fracture risk and 3-year incident fracture rates in postmenopausal women for a range of co-morbid diseases using data from the Global Longitudinal study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW).GLOW is an international cohort study involving 723 physician practices across 10 countries in Europe, North America, Austr...