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ba0003pp305 | Osteoporosis: treatment | ECTS2014

Treatment with PTH 1--84 influences glucose metabolism trough undercarboxylated osteocalcin

D'Amelio Patrizia , Spertino Elena , Sassi Francesca , Buondonno Ilaria , Tamone Cristina , Piano Simonetta , Isaia Giovanni Carlo

In the recent years the role of the skeleton in glucose and energy homeostasis has been studied. In particular the osteoblast-specific protein osteocalcin (OC), in its undercarboxylated form (uOC) has been shown to influence glucose homeostasis in animal models.The aim of our study is to evaluate if the intermittent administration of 1–84 PTH could influence glucose metabolism through its anabolic action on the skeleton.We enr...

ba0003pp353 | Osteoporosis: treatment | ECTS2014

PTH treatment induces WNT10b expression in humans lymphoid cells

Patrizia D'Amelio , Sassi Francesca , Buondonno Ilaria , Spertino Elena , D'Amico Lucia , Roato Ilaria , Isaia Giovanni Carlo

Intermittent PTH reduces vertebral fractures risk in osteoporotic patients. The mechanisms trough which PTH acts are not completely understood, it has been observed to activate Wnt pathways in osteoblasts (OBs). Activation of this pathway induces OB proliferation, differentiation and prevents apoptosis. Recently increased expression of Wnt10b by T cells during intermittent PTH, and no increase during continuous PTH has been demonstrated in mice.In order to evaluate if PTH incr...