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ba0001pp154 | Cancer and bone: basic, translational and clinical | ECTS2013

miR-192 impairs invasion and tumor-induced osteolysis by repressing CCL2 in bone metastatic colonization

Valencia Karmele , Luis-Ravelo Diego , Bovy Nicolas , Martinez-Canarias Susana , Ormazabal Cristina , Zandueta Carolina , Anton Iker , Struman Ingrid , Tabruyn Sebastien , Segura Victor , De Las Rivas Javier , Bandres Eva

Emerging evidence suggests that miRNAs (miR) can modulate a complex gene network in a cell-intrinsic and non-cell autonomous manner. We previously identified by transcriptomic analysis miR-192 to be heavily downregulated in different highly metastatic subpopulations (HMS) isolated from bone metastases in a lung cancer mice model, but its mechanistic contribution to the prometastatic activity remains unknown.To delineate the pleiotropic functions elicited...