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ba0004p158 | (1) | ICCBH2015

Extreme, biomechanically-explained remodelling of biological femoral reconstructions in pediatric oncology

Taddei Fulvia , Valente Giordano , Piroddi Sabina , Schileo Enrico , Pitto Lorenzo , Roncari Andrea , Leardini Alberto , Manfrini Marco

Introduction: Vascularised fibula autograft combined with a massive bone allograft (Capanna 2007) is used in skeletal reconstructions in children. If vascularisation is successful a clear remodelling of the reconstruction can be observed. This study aims to define a protocol to characterise bone’s structural evolution in skeletal reconstructions through a computer-aided analysis, and attempts a biomechanical interpretation of the observed phenomena through a multiscale mo...

ba0003pp222 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2014

Association of CT-based finite element estimates of femur strength with fracture status in three clinical studies on post-menopausal women

Schileo Enrico , Falcinelli Cristina , Balistreri Luca , Henys Petr , Baruffaldi Fabio , Sigurdsson Sigurdur , Gudnason Vilmundur , Boutroy Stephanie , Taddei Fulvia

Introduction: The first clinical applications of FE-strength estimates to classify osteoporotic fractures showed inhomogeneous results. We developed a FE model that correlated well with femur strength in-vitro (R2=0.9, 14 femurs). This work aims to verify if our model can classify osteoporotic fractures in three case-control studies: a retrospective and a prospective study on proximal femur fracture, and a retrospective study on prevalent ...