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ba0001pp214 | Cell biology: osteoclasts and bone resorption | ECTS2013

Is a network of collagen fibers and blood vessels supporting pre-osteoclast trafficking from the bone marrow to the bone surface?

Thomas Levin Andersen , Helene Bjorg Kristensen , Delaisse Jean-Marie

Differentiation of osteoclast progenitor cells into mononucleated TRAcP+ pre-osteoclasts occurs in the bone marrow. But how are these cells dispatched to the future bone resorption sites? We hypothesized that the collagen type III/I-rich reticulin network of the bone marrow might provide a structural framework for localization and migration of differentiating pre-osteoclasts towards the bone surface. Therefore, adjacent sections from decalcified paraffin-embedded iliac crest b...