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ba0003pp192 | Genetics | ECTS2014

Genetic determinants of bone mineral density loss in aromatase inhibitors treatment in the B-ABLE Cohort

Rodriguez-Sanz Maria , Garcia-Giralt Natalia , Torres-del Pliego Elisa , Prieto-Alhambra Daniel , Servitja Sonia , Balcells Susana , Mellibovsky Leonardo , Grinberg Daniel , Tusquets Ignasi , Diez-Perez Adolfo , Nogues Xavier

Bone density (BMD) loss is a consequence of aromatase inhibitors (AI) treatment of breast cancer. B-ABLE cohort includes 391 postmenopausal women with early breast cancer starting AI therapy. Participants experienced a 1.98% (95% CI 1.54–2.42% P<0.0001) bone loss at lumbar spine (LS) and 1.24% (95% CI 0.81–1.67% P<0.0001) bone loss at femoral neck (FN) after 1 year on AI therapy and a 3.51% (95% CI 3.00–4.03% P<0.0001) bone...

ba0001pp156 | Cancer and bone: basic, translational and clinical | ECTS2013

Vitamin D serum levels and breast cancer risk in a mediterranean population: a case–control study

Rodriguez-Sanz Maria , Garcia-Giralt Natalia , Torres Elisa , De Ramon Marta , Cano-Sanchez Antonio , Garcia-Perez Miguel Angel , Servitja Sonia , Garrigos Laia , Martinez-Garcia Maria , Tusquets Ignasi , Albanell Joan , Diez Adolfo , Prieto-Alhambra Daniel , Nogues Xavier

Background: Besides the classic actions of vitamin D on bone metabolism and calcium homeostasis, there is evidence emphasizing its antiproliferative and proapoptotic activities. Data coming mostly from Northern regions suggest an effect of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) serum concentrations on breast cancer prevention. We aimed to study the association between 25(OH)D concentrations and breast cancer risk in a Mediterranean population (Spain).Methods: We ...