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ba0003pp154 | Cell biology: osteoclasts and bone resorption | ECTS2014

Disruption of PLEKHM1 and TRAFD1 (FLN29) interaction impairs osteoclast resorptive activity

Witwicka Hanna , Jia Hong , Kutikov Artem , Hwang Sung-Yong , Odgren Paul

Mutations in PLEKHM1 cause bone disease in humans and animals. Truncations causedeficient bone resorption by osteoclasts leading to osteopetrosis. A gain-of-function point mutation causes increased resorption leading to osteopenia. We and others have shown that PLEKHM1, a multi-modular protein, interacts with the small GTPase rab7 and is involved in vesicle trafficking, secretion, and membrane biogenesis. To investigate other interactions of PLEKHM1 we performed tandem affinit...