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ba0001pp154 | Cancer and bone: basic, translational and clinical | ECTS2013

miR-192 impairs invasion and tumor-induced osteolysis by repressing CCL2 in bone metastatic colonization

Valencia Karmele , Luis-Ravelo Diego , Bovy Nicolas , Martinez-Canarias Susana , Ormazabal Cristina , Zandueta Carolina , Anton Iker , Struman Ingrid , Tabruyn Sebastien , Segura Victor , De Las Rivas Javier , Bandres Eva

Emerging evidence suggests that miRNAs (miR) can modulate a complex gene network in a cell-intrinsic and non-cell autonomous manner. We previously identified by transcriptomic analysis miR-192 to be heavily downregulated in different highly metastatic subpopulations (HMS) isolated from bone metastases in a lung cancer mice model, but its mechanistic contribution to the prometastatic activity remains unknown.To delineate the pleiotropic functions elicited...

ba0005cabs.oc3.1 | Oral Communications | ECTS2016

Blockade of C5aR impairs tumor-induced osteoclastogenesis preventing bone metastasis colonization in lung cancer

Ajona Daniel , Zandueta Carolina , Corrales Leticia , Pajares Maria J. , Martinez-Terroba Elena , Perurena Naiara , Montuenga Luis M. , Pio Ruben , Lecanda Fernando

C5aR is a membrane-associated receptor for C5a, a potent immune mediator generated after complement activation. C5aR expressed in tumor infiltrating immune cells creates a favorable microenvironment for tumor progression. However, the expression of C5aR by cancer cells and its contribution to their malignant phenotype is poorly understood. Immunohistochemical analysis revealed that high levels of C5aR in human lung tumors were associated with poor survival (P=0.005) a...