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ba0005p90 | Calciotropic and phosphotropic hormones and mineral metabolism | ECTS2016

Bone loss in KLHL3 knock-in mice characterized by a pseudohypoaldosteronism type II-like phenotype is mediated by renal PTH resistance

Andrukhova Olena , Zhang Jinwei , Alessi Dario , Erben Reinhold

Pseudohypoaldosteronism type II (PHAII) is a hereditary disease characterized by hypertension, hypercalciuria and osteopenia. PHAII is caused by mutations in with-no-lysine kinase 1 (WNK1), WNK4, or the cullin RING ligase family members kelch-like 3 (KLHL3) or cullin 3 (CUL3). All mutations result in up-regulation of the WNK signalling pathway which activates thiazide-sensitive Na-Cl cotransporters (NCC) in renal distal tubules, leading to salt retention and hypertension in PH...