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ba0002p89 | (1) | ICCBH2013

Painful vertebral fractures during pregnancy: be aware of a potentially underlying genetic cause

Zillikens M Carola , Campos-Obando Natalia , Oei Ling , Simon Marleen

Background: The baby growing in its mother’s womb needs calcium for skeletal development. Maternal osteoporosis has been attributed to pregnancy in some cases.Presenting problem: A 27-year-old woman in the 7th month of her first pregnancy complained of mid-thoracic back pain after lifting a non-heavy object. The pain remained with differing intensity and was attributed to her pregnancy. After the delivery of a healthy child, the back pain prevented ...

ba0005p409 | Osteoporosis: treatment | ECTS2016

Atypical femur fracture in an adolescent with X-linked osteoporosis based on PLS3 mutation

van de Laarschot Denise M , Zillikens M Carola

Background: Long-term use of bisphosphonates has raised concerns about the association with Atypical Femur Fractures (AFFs) that have been reported mainly in postmenopausal women.Clinical case: An 18-year-old patient with juvenile osteoporosis based on X-linked osteoporosis due to a PLS3 mutation developed a low trauma femoral fracture after seven years of intravenous and two years of oral bisphosphonate use, fulfilling the revised ASBMR diagnostic crite...

ba0002oc7 | Biology | ICCBH2013

The PPP6R3/LRP5 locus influences lean mass in children of different ethnic background and highlights pleiotropic effects and muscle–bone interactions

Medina-Gomez Carolina , Heppe Denise , Estrada Karol , Hofman Albert , Hsu Yi-Hsiang , Karasik David , Jaddoe Vincent , Zillikens M Carola , Uitterlinden Andre G , Rivadeneira Fernando

Aim: Lean and bone mass have considerably high phenotypic and genetic correlations with a shared heritability estimate ranging between 30 and 40% in adults. A genome-wide association study (GWAS) on total body lean mass and a bivariate GWAS on lean mass and BMD were ran in a cohort of children to identify genes with pleiotropic effects on muscle mass and peak bone mass attainment.Methods: Subjects are part of the Generation R study, a prospective multiet...

ba0001pp283 | Genetics | ECTS2013

Discovery and replication of several loci significantly associated with lean body mass: a large meta-analysis of genome wide association studies (GWAS) from the ‘charge’ and ‘gefos’ consortia

Kiel Douglas P , Yerges-Armstrong Laura M , Hsu Yi-Hsiang , Stolk Lisette , Karasik David , Loos Ruth J F , Gudnason Vilmundar , Smith Albert , O'Connell Jeffrey R , Fu Amish , Fu Mao , Streeten Elizabeth A , Cauley Jane A , Robbins John A , Psaty Bruce , Johnson Toby , Kutalik Zoltan , Mitchell Braxton D , Livshits Gregory , Harris Tamara B , Ohlsson Claes , Zillikens M Carola

Introduction: The creatine kinase (CK) is a dimeric enzyme, involved in energetical metabolism. It is present in many tissues, but higher concentration in skeletal and cardiac muscle.Therefore, conditions that involve muscle tissue may increase this serum enzyme. Such enzyme elevation is usually observed in inflammatory myopathies and others autoimmune diseases.Sometimes some elevation in CK is not fully understood out off these co...

ba0003oc4.1 | Genetics of bone disease | ECTS2014

PLS3 mutations in X-linked osteoporosis with fractures

Zillikens M Carola , van Dijk Fleur S , Micha Dimitra , Riessland Markus , Marcelis Carlo LM , de-Die Smulders Christine E , Milbradt Janine , Franken Anton A , Harsevoort Arjan J , Lichtenbelt Klaske D , van de Peppel J , Pruijs Hans E , Rubio-Gozalbo M Estela , Zwertbroek Rolf , Moutaouakil Youssef , Egthuijsen Jaqueline , van der Eerden B , Hammerschmidt Matthias , Bijman Renate , Semeins Cor M , Bakker Astrid D , Everts Vincent , Klein-Nulend Jenneke , Campos-Obando Natalia , Hofman Albert , te Meerman Gerard J , van Leeuwen JP , Verkerk Annemieke JMH , Uitterlinden Andre G , Maugeri Alessandra , Sistermans Erik A , Waisfisz Quinten , Meijers-Heijboer Hanne , Wirth Brunhilde , Simon Marleen EH , Pals Gerard

Background: We identified a family with early onset X-linked osteoporosis and fracturesMethods: We performed whole exome sequencing of the X chromosome in three affected members. After discovering a putative pathogenic variant we performed Sanger sequencing of all exons of this gene in other members of this family and in 95 unrelated men suspected of OI type I without COL1A1/2 mutations. We also genotyped a SNP in this gene (minor allele frequency 0.02) ...