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European Calcified Tissue Society Congress 2013

Lisbon, Portugal
18 May 2013 - 22 May 2013

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European Calcified Tissue Society Congress 2013, 18 - 22 May 2013; Lisbon, Portugal

Oral Communications

Mineralisation and energy metabolism

ba0001oc6.1 | Mineralisation and energy metabolism | ECTS2013

Npp1 is a key regulator of skeletal and soft tissue mineralisation

Hajjawi Mark , MacRae Vicky , Huesa Carmen , Millan Jose Luis , Poulet Blandine , Arnett Timothy , Orriss Isabel

Ecto-nucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterases (NPPs) hydrolyse nucleotide triphosphates to the corresponding nucleotide monophosphate and the mineralisation inhibitor, pyrophosphate (PPi). This investigation examined the role of NPP1 in bone and soft tissue mineralisation using a mouse model lacking NPP1(Enpp1−/−). At physiological pH 7.35, cultured Enpp1−/...

ba0001oc6.2 | Mineralisation and energy metabolism | ECTS2013

Deficiency of the bone mineralisation inhibitor NPP1 protects against obesity and diabetes

Huesa Carmen , Morton Nicholas M , Ferron Mathieu , Karsenty Gerard , Millan Jose Luis , Ahmed Faisal , Farquharson Colin , MacRae Vicky E

Bone has recently emerged as a novel endocrine organ regulating glucose metabolism. Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase-1 (NPP1) controls bone mineralisation by generating the mineralisation inhibitor pyrophosphate. In clinical studies increased activity of NPP1 has been found in patients with insulin resistance, and it has been shown to directly inhibit the insulin receptor. We hypothesised that mice lacking NPP1 (Enpp1−/−) would exhibit im...

ba0001oc6.3 | Mineralisation and energy metabolism | ECTS2013

Collagen XV as a bone matrix organizer

Vicente David , Finnila Mikko , Izzi Valerio , Koivunen Jarkko , Pihlajaniemi Taina

Collagen XV is a secreted proteoglycan localized in the outermost layer of the basement membrane and in the fibrillar matrix. Previously, the collagen XV gene (COL15A1) has been linked to osteogenic differentiation, being identified mainly in mature osteoblasts forming new bone tissue or lining bone trabeculae. Our previous data on collagen XV knockout fetuses reports subtle skeletal changes. The aim of this study was to analyse skeletal changes in adult mice lacking collagen ...

ba0001oc6.4 | Mineralisation and energy metabolism | ECTS2013

Inhibition of PTH-induced vasorelaxation modulates its anabolic action

Gohin Stephanie , Chenu Chantal , Pitsillides Andrew , Arnett Timothy , Marenzana Massimo

The relationship between bone formation and blood flow is unclear. Recently, PTH was reported to activate production of nitric oxide (NO), a potent vasorelaxing agent, in endothelial cells and we and others have confirmed a strong vasorelaxing action of PTH in vivo in the mouse. Here, we tested the hypothesis that a potent NO synthase inhibitor (L-NAME: NG-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester) may alter the effect of intermittent PTH (iPTH) on b...

ba0001oc6.5 | Mineralisation and energy metabolism | ECTS2013

A protective role for FGF23 in local defence against disrupted arterial wall integrity?

Zhu Dongxing , Mackenzie Neil , Millan Jose Luis , Farquharson Colin , MacRae Vicky

Increasing interest is focusing on the role of the FGF-23/Klotho axis in mediating vascular calcification. However, the underpinning mechanisms have yet to be fully elucidated. Murine VSMCs were cultured in calcifying medium for a 21-day period. FGF-23 mRNA expression was significantly up-regulated by 7 days (1.63-fold; P<0.001), with a concomitant increase in protein expression. mRNA and protein expression of both FGFR1 and Klotho were confirmed. Increased FGF-23...

ba0001oc6.6 | Mineralisation and energy metabolism | ECTS2013

An emerging role of phospho1 in the regulation of energy metabolism

Oldknow Karla , Morton Nik Morton's , Yadav Manisha , Rajoanah Sophie , Huesa Carmen , Bunger Lutz , Ferron Mathieu , Karsenty Gerard , MacRae Vicky , Milan Jose Luis , Farquharson Colin

Genetic approaches to bone physiology utilising judicious gain and loss of function models have identified bone as an endocrine organ, being involved in the regulation of energy metabolism and reproduction. Recent advances expand our understanding and identify a new and unconventional role of bone beyond its classical functions. PHOSPHO1 is a bone specific phosphatase with a recognised role in bone mineralisation, but our present studies have now identified a novel role for PH...