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ba0001oc2.2 | Bone quality and fracture repair - animal models | ECTS2013

Intermittent human parathyroid hormone (1–84) treatment improves bone mass and bone defect healing in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Hamann Christine , Picke Ann-Kristin , Rauner Martina , Bernhardt Ricardo , Campbell Graeme , Gluer Claus-Christian , Hofbauer Lorenz C

The pathogenesis of skeletal fragility in diabetes mellitus is poorly defined and efficient therapies are limited. Zucker diabetic fatty (ZDF) rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus display low bone mass and delayed bone defect healing. We tested whether intermittent treatment with human parathyroid hormone 1–84 (PTH) increases bone mass and bone defect regeneration in diabetic rats.A subcritical gap defect was created at the femur of 10 weeks old diabe...

ba0003oc5.4 | Important pathways in bone biology and cancer | ECTS2014

WNT5A has anti-prostate cancer effects and protects against bone metastases

Thiele Stefanie , Gobel Andy , Hippauf Sandra , Rachner Tilman D. , Muders Michael , Fussel Susanne , Bernhardt Ricardo , Jakob Franz , Rauner Martina , Hofbauer Lorenz C.

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common cancer type in older men and often metastasizes to bone in advanced stages. Wnt proteins are implicated in carcinogenesis and especially WNT5A has been discussed to influence the clinical outcome of various cancer types, including PCa. In addition, WNT5A stimulates osteogenic differentiation and may thus not only be involved in PCa development, but also in the formation of subsequent skeletal metastasis. Here, we determined the role of ...