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Vibration therapy improves mobility and has no detrimental impact on bone health in adolescents with mild cerebral palsy independent of daily protocol duration (9 minutes/day vs. 15 minutes/day)

Gusso Silmara , Mahadevan Renuka , Derraik Jose , Cutfield Wayne , Hofman Paul

Adolescents with cerebral palsy (CP) have altered muscle tone and reduced bone mass, which can lead to impaired mobility and function increasing their risk for osteopenia in later life. OBJECTIVES: We evaluated the efficacy of two side-alternating vibration therapy (VT) protocols (9 minutes/day versus 15 minutes/day) over a 20-week program on mobility and bone health in adolescents with mild CP. METHODS: Sixteen participants (12.4±0.9 years; 10 males) with mild cerebral p...