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ba0001pp245 | Cell biology: osteocytes | ECTS2013

IGF1 regulates MC-3T3 and human primary osteoblast to osteocyte differentiation in 3D culture

Scully Nicole E E , Mason Deborah J , Evans Bronwen A J

Osteocytes differentiate from osteoblasts, are embedded in mineralised matrix and are critical regulators of bone remodelling. In vitro osteocyte models are limited to cell lines in monolayer, which do not represent their 3D environment in vivo. We have shown that osteoblasts in 3D gels differentiate along the osteocytic pathway. Since IGF1 regulates osteoblasts, and is involved in osteocyte response to mechanical loading, we hypothesised that IGF1 modulates ...

ba0001pp246 | Cell biology: osteocytes | ECTS2013

Development of a novel 3D mineralising culture system to investigate the differentiation of osteoblasts to osteocytes

Scully Nicole E E , Evans Sam L , Mason Deborah J , Evans Bronwen A J

Osteocytes make up >90% of bone cells, are embedded in mineralised matrix where they form a communication network. Osteocytes differentiate from osteoblasts, and are mechano-sensitive. They are very difficult to isolate with a dependence on cell lines for in vitro studies of osteocyte biology. Therefore new methods to study these cells are essential. Recent publications indicate that osteoblasts maintained in in vitro 3D collagen gels may differentiate to...