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ba0001pp325 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2013

Relationship between quantitative ultrasound parameters at calcaneous and health-related quality of life domains in postmenopausal Italian women: the FEDRO study

Gonnelli Stefano , Caffarelli Carla , Guglielmi Giuseppe , Rossi Stefania , Adami Silvano , Nuti Ranuccio

Reduced bone mineral density (BMD) has been reported to adversely affect health related quality of life (HRQoL) also in postmenopausal women without vertebral fracture. To date no data exist in literature about any possible influences of quantitative ultrasonography (QUS) on HRQoL. This study aimed to assess whether QUS parameters at calcaneous may be associated with HRQoL.In 1812 ambulatory postmenopausal women aged 60 years or over, referred by their f...