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ba0003oc6.1 | Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity | ECTS2014

Sex differences in bone acquisition of pre-pubertal children are consequence of differential responsiveness to mechanical loading

Medina-Gomez Carolina , Heppe Denise H.M. , Kruithof Claudia J. , Hofman Albert , Uitterlinden Andre G. , Jaddoe Vincent V.W. , Rivadeneira Fernando

Aim: Lean mass is a strong determinant of bone structure, particularly during growth and development. We sought to determine if there are sex differences in bone acquisition in pre-pubertal children and the potential relation with skeletal loading.Methods: This study included 3602 children (50.7% girls) whose total body BMD and hip scans were measured on the same iDXA devise (GE-Lunar) at 6 years of age. Hip scans underwent hip structural analysis (HSA) ...