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European Calcified Tissue Society Congress 2014

Prague, Czech Republic
17 May 2014 - 20 May 2014

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European Calcified Tissue Society Annual Congress, 17 - 20 May 2014; Prague, Czech Republic

Oral Communications

Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity

ba0003oc6.1 | Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity | ECTS2014

Sex differences in bone acquisition of pre-pubertal children are consequence of differential responsiveness to mechanical loading

Medina-Gomez Carolina , Heppe Denise H.M. , Kruithof Claudia J. , Hofman Albert , Uitterlinden Andre G. , Jaddoe Vincent V.W. , Rivadeneira Fernando

Aim: Lean mass is a strong determinant of bone structure, particularly during growth and development. We sought to determine if there are sex differences in bone acquisition in pre-pubertal children and the potential relation with skeletal loading.Methods: This study included 3602 children (50.7% girls) whose total body BMD and hip scans were measured on the same iDXA devise (GE-Lunar) at 6 years of age. Hip scans underwent hip structural analysis (HSA) ...

ba0003oc6.2 | Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity | ECTS2014

Gender-specific associations between physical functioning, bone quality, and fracture risk in older people

Furrer Regula , van Schoor Natasja , de Haan Arnold , Lips Paul , de Jongh Renate

Introduction: Measures of physical function may be related to osteoporosis and fractures in older individuals and may thus be used in the identification of individuals at high fracture risk.Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate which measures of physical functioning are associated with bone quality and fracture incidence and whether gender-specific differences exist within these associations.Methods: We studied 1486 partici...

ba0003oc6.3 | Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity | ECTS2014

Vitamin D is low in obesity, and this is due to greater volume of distribution

Walsh Jennifer S , Evans Amy L , Bowles Simon , Naylor Kim E , Gossiel Fatma , Jacques Richard , Schoenmakers Inez , Jones Kerry S , Eastell Richard

Low circulating levels of total 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) have been reported in obese people of different ethnicities in several countries. Low total 25OHD in obesity could be due to lower binding proteins (with normal free 25OHD), lower dietary intake or sunlight exposure, greater volume of distribution (pool size) or more rapid metabolic clearance.The aims of this study were to determine if free 25OHD and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25(OH)2...

ba0003oc6.4 | Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity | ECTS2014

Long-term denosumab therapy further reduces the rate of non-vertebral fractures in women with persisting low hip BMD after 3 years

Ferrari S , Adachi JD , Lippuner K , Zapalowski C , Miller PD , Reginster J-Y , Torring O , Kendler DL , Daizadeh N , Wang A , O'Malley CD , Wagman RB , Libanati C , Lewiecki EM

Objective: Evidence for further reduction of nonvertebral fracture (NVFX) beyond 3 years of antiresorptive therapy is limited. Since long-term denosumab (DMAb) treatment is associated with continuous increases in BMD and sustained fracture reduction, we analyzed the influence of femoral neck (FN) BMD after 3 years on NVFX rates.Methods: Long-term subjects received 7 continuous years of DMAb; cross-over subjects received 3 years of placebo (FREEDOM) and 4...

ba0003oc6.5 | Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity | ECTS2014

The effect of bisphosphonate treatment on osteoclast precursor cells in postmenopausal women with rsteoporosis: The TRIO study

Gossiel Fatma , Hoyle Christopher , McCloskey Eugene , Walsh Jennifer , Peel Nicola , Eastell Richard

Bisphosphonates are used to treat bone disease characterised by increased bone resorption by inhibiting the activity of mature osteoclasts, resulting in decreased bone turnover. Bisphosphonates may reduce the population of osteoclast precursor cells (OPCs). Our aims were to investigate the effect of bisphosphonates on i) OPCs and ii) bone turnover in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis compared with healthy premenopausal women. Participants were 62 postmenopausal women (mea...

ba0003oc6.6 | Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity | ECTS2014

External auditory canal and middle ear diseases in bisphosphonate-treated osteoporosis patients: A Danish national register based cohort study

Thorsteinsson Anne-Luise , Vestergaard Peter , Eiken Pia

Background and aim: Eight cases of bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the external auditory canal have been reported in case-reports. Our aim was to describe the incidence of external auditory canal and middle ear diseases in Danish patients exposed to bisphosphonates in the treatment of osteoporosis.Methods: The study was a retrospective, nationwide cohort study, within the Danish population of approximately 5.6 million individuals and based on ...