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ba0007p146 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Does prior bisphosphonate therapy in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy alter surgical outcomes?

Fiscaletti Melissa , Loucos Robert , Jamil Kamal Abdul , Biggins Andrew , Munns Craig , Pacey Verity

Background: Children and adolescents with cerebral palsy (CP) experience musculoskeletal complications including spinal deformities, hip dysplasia and disuse osteoporosis. Bisphosphonates can improve bone mineral density, prevent fragility fractures. It is unclear if prior bisphosphonate use modifies post-operative complication in children with CP. Our aim was to compare surgical complications in children with CP with and without previous bisphosphonate treatment.<p class=...

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Walking quality of children with healed Perthes disease

Jamil Kamal , Fuller Joel , Li Jamie , Bucknell Michael , McKay Marney , Baldwin Jennifer , Burns Joshua , Munns Craig , Pacey Verity

Objectives: Children with Perthes disease may present with altered walking patterns even at the healed stage of the disease. The aim of the study was to assess the walking endurance, fatiguability and gait changes of children with healed Perthes disease, and to determine if walking endurance is associated with hip function and quality of life.Methods: Fifty-one children (38 males) aged 8–16 years with >3 years post-diagnosis of Perthes disease c...

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Bisphosphonate improves hip range of motion and pain but not femoral head sphericity: A multicentre, randomized clinical trial of children with Perthes disease

Jamil Kamal , Zacharin Margaret , Foster Bruce , Donald Geoffrey , Hassall Timothy , Siafarikas Aris , Johnson Michael , Tham Elanie , Whitehead Colin , Gebski Val , Barnes Liz , Cowell Chris , Little David , Munns Craig

Introduction: Perthes disease (PD), idiopathic femoral head avascular necrosis, often results in deformity. The underlying cause is unclear and long-term function is directly related to the roundness of femoral head. Current treatment include mechanical treatments and various surgical procedures, which are therapeutic but can’t prevent collapse. A multicentre, prospective, randomised controlled trial of 12 months zoledronic acid (ZA) in children with PD was conducted. We ...