Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences on calcified tissues

ba0001oc6.3 | Mineralisation and energy metabolism | ECTS2013

Collagen XV as a bone matrix organizer

Vicente David , Finnila Mikko , Izzi Valerio , Koivunen Jarkko , Pihlajaniemi Taina

Collagen XV is a secreted proteoglycan localized in the outermost layer of the basement membrane and in the fibrillar matrix. Previously, the collagen XV gene (COL15A1) has been linked to osteogenic differentiation, being identified mainly in mature osteoblasts forming new bone tissue or lining bone trabeculae. Our previous data on collagen XV knockout fetuses reports subtle skeletal changes. The aim of this study was to analyse skeletal changes in adult mice lacking collagen ...

ba0003pp108 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2014

Collagen XIII in bone homeostasis

Koivunen Jarkko , Kemppainen Antti , Haronen Heli , Finnila Mikko , Miinalainen Ilkka , Heikkinen Anne , Sormunen Raija , Pihlajaniemi Taina

Collagen XIII is a conserved transmembrane collagen with wide distribution in various tissues. It can be enzymatically cleaved to form a soluble bioactive molecule with relevance to cell proliferation, migration and adhesion. Collagen XIII overexpression in mice causes a massive bone overgrowth with no defects in early skeletal development. The bone phenotype of Col13a1OE mice is most apparent in long tubular bones but also present in calvariae. Our findings show th...