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ba0003pp236 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2014

Improved assessment of vertebral cortex thickness by means of analytical deconvolution of radial bone mineral density distributions

Damm Timo , Pena Jaime , Bastgen Jan , Krause Matthias , Campbell Graeme , Barkmann Reinhard , Gluer Claus-Christian

New treatment agents against osteoporosis may not only lead to an improved trabecular structure, but can probably also strengthen the cortex. To assess this treatment effects by means of QCT, one has to deal with significant partial volume effects observing this very thin, but compact structure. A new method for cortical thickness estimation has been developed using an analytical deconvolution approach. After estimating the point-spread-function (PSF) of a scanner/kernel combi...

ba0005p28 | Bone biomechanics and quality | ECTS2016

Alendronate therapy improves anterior vertebral microstructure in osteoporotic bone facilitating fracture risk reduction

vom Scheidt Annika , Krause Matthias , Puschel Klaus , Amling Michael , Busse Bjorn

Although the fracture risk reduction under bisphosphonate treatment in osteoporosis is clinically well established, it remains understudied why the efficacy of bisphosphonate therapy is higher for the prevention of vertebral fractures compared to other fractures.Our aim was to investigate whether anti-resorptive therapy with alendronate would result in different regional variations of structural indices in the vertebral body. We investigated the microstr...

ba0003pp214 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2014

Bone marrow densitometry by clinical high resolution computed tomography of human vertebrae

Pena Jaime , Campbell Graeme , Damm Timo , Barkmann Reinhard , Waldhausen Sonja , Thomsen Felix , Krause Matthias , Puschel Klaus , Gluer Claus C

Bone mineral density (BMD) as measured by quantitative computed tomography (QCT) is biased by the variable marrow composition since marrow fat reduces the apparent BMD. We developed a marrow densitometry (MD) method that identifies subvolumes in the vertebrae that consist of bone marrow only (bone voids) and determines their average mineral equivalent density values. The method was developed for use with in vivo high resolution QCT (HR-QCT). HR-QCT still has limited s...

ba0001pp50 | Bone biomechanics and quality | ECTS2013

Micro-morphological properties of osteons reveal changes in cortical bone stability during aging, osteoporosis and bisphosphonate treatment in women

Bernhard Andreas , Milovanovic Petar , Hahn Michael , Djonic Danijela , Krause Matthias , Breer Stefan , Pueschel Klaus , Zimmermann Elizabeth A , Djuric Marija , Amling Michael , Busse Bjoern

Bone remodeling is the key process in bone structural reorganization, and its alterations lead to changes in bone mechanical strength. Since osteons reflect different bone remodeling patterns, we hypothesize that the femoral cortex of females with miscellaneous age, disease, and treatment conditions will display distinct osteonal morphology and osteocyte lacunar numbers along with different mechanical properties.The specimens used in this study were coll...